Know the team behind The Ogham Stone (post #1)

Working on The Ogham Stone entails more than just snorting caffeine or getting power adjustments for our spectacles. The team that comes from a diverse background, has a lot to offer in terms of experience and unique talents. Starting this weekend, we will be uploading interviews with our staff regularly. Enjoy today’s spread and watch out this space for more!

Jordan Kubichek says:
1) Why have you chosen the Creative Writing MA?
I chose the Creative Writing MA because I’ve always been a writer. The charming anecdote I tell people is that I’ve been writing stories since I could hold a pencil. My hope for this program is to focus onmy craft and be able to refine my writing skills. I think the choice to require MA students to staff the Ogham Stone literary journal will help us all to understand the other side of submitting our work and the tough decisions involved when choosing pieces to include in the journal.