Promotion 2014


RM Kealy works as a business manager by day and a freelance lifestyle writer by night.  Based in the West of Ireland, she has been published in magazines, newspapers and anthologies and is currently working on a novel of historical fiction, set in Dublin and New York in the 1920s. She tweets from @RMKealy.







Black and White

Amber Patton graduated from Pacific University with a bachelors in creative writing. She was published online for Silk Road Review. Her fiction piece was accepted to the National Undergraduate Literature Conference in 2014. Amber is pursuing her masters in creative writing at the University of Limerick.






3655Gerard O’ Sullivan is a proud Limerick man who is undertaking a M.A. in English. He is hoping to gain the appropriate skills in order to write his own personal book, his other interests include sport and playing the drums. 





3673Patrick Lynch is in the process of completing a Masters in English at the University of Limerick. His research interests centre on contemporary Irish Literature and in particular, the depiction of minority groups in fiction. Irish migration in an English context is an area which he is interested in developing.





10735862_4895460041087_970389298_nAisling Arundel graduated with a B.A in English and Media from Mary Immaculate College and is currently undertaking the English M.A in the University of Limerick. Difficult to coin her to one thing as she has many interests such as photography, cooking, music and traveling.

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