Niamh Hehir

Niamh Hehir completed her PhD at the University of Limerick in 2008 and has been working with the English Section of the School of English, Irish and Communication since she began her postgraduate studies in U.L. Her research interests focus on Contemporary Irish Poetry, Trauma Studies and Feminist Literary Studies.  

Tim Groenland

Tim Groenland’s research focuses on literary editors and publishers in postwar US literature. His first book, The Art of Editing: Raymond Carver and David Foster Wallace, was published in 2019 by Bloomsbury Academic. He joined the University of Limerick in 2021.

Max Evans

Max Evans is from Portland, Oregon, and received his B.A from Portland State University. He completed his M.A in Creative Writing at the University of Limerick and is currently a Creative Writing PhD student, with his research focused on history and mental illness.

Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown is a poet, novelist, and creative writing teacher. Her poetry collection And Say was launched in 2019 with Limerick-based Revival Press, and her children’s novel The River Boy was released in 2016 with her indie-press Finch and Fellow. She is an editor at the online platform Culturico.

Joseph Woods

Joseph Woods is a poet, writer, editor, and former director of Poetry Ireland. He has published five collections of poetry and has edited, ghost-edited and proofed numerous literary publications including the Poetry Ireland Review, for which he was managing editor from 2000-2013.


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