Content 2014

PCP_9077Helena Close, from Limerick, has published three novels, Pinhead Duffy, The Cut of Love, and The Clever One. Pinhead Duffy was adapted for stage through Pulse – the Theatre Legacy of City of Culture. She has been awarded two Arts Council Bursaries for work on a novel and collection of short stories.







3629Niamh Donnelly is an MA student of Creative Writing. Her short stories have been shortlisted for the SMEDIAS Short Story of the Year, longlisted for the Fish Short Story Prize and published in Icarus Magazine. She is still waiting for Godot.







3650Dana M. Garvin is currently pursuing an MA in English at the University of Limerick. Her passions include writing, painting, Yeats, and typewriters.






3652Brian Clancy is currently pursuing an M.A. in English at the University of Limerick. His interests include the Irish countryside and wrestling with words, nails and timber.

profile pic VVijay Fitzgerald, a student in MA creative writing.   Born in Fiji, raised in Australia, she has travelled many countries before relocating to the Emerald Isles.  She hopes to write about her adventures. 2014 has been a year of great spur, her first story was published in Ellipses, Friars Gate Writers Anthology, and her first play staged at Friars Gate theatre
profile pic








Linda Fennelly is an MA student of Creative Writing and the recipient of a UL Riverdream Scholarship.  She started creative writing while studying English in UCD.

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