2013 Editors


Aoife Doohan

Semester 1 of the MA is complete. The Applied Editing skills module which is part of the MA programme has really highlighted the difficult work involved in creating a new publication but seeing the result has made it all worth it. Here’s hoping for a successful response to ‘The Ogham Stone’, as the work we put in and the quality of creativeness should be rewarded







Alice Higgins

Alice Higgins, from Kildare. Alice studied English and History at UL as an undergraduate and decided to stay on the path of a bookworm and continue her academic career in English. Alice loves to travel and hopes to explore the world after her MA. Once she has accomplished world domination, if given the chance Alice would like to continue her academic career and pursue her studies in Literature.





Declan Teefy

Declan is 25 years old and graduated with a BA in English and History from UL. He is in the process of completing a MA in English. He hopes to become a teacher in some capacity which will enable him to help others.



Caron Barry

Caron has a Bachelor of Laws, however, she decided not to go into the legal profession, opting instead to pursue a future as a decent human being.
Caron suffers from a chronic deficiency in height, as well as an insistent belief in magic, which she claims is “idealism”. In her spare time she enjoys being with friends and family. Her favourite reads include the Harry Potters and the Songs of Ice and Fire.


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